Top of the Tamar

Welcome to Low Head, Tasmania


The entrance to the Tamar Valley

Perched at the tip of the Tamar River in North East Tasmania, Low Head is a coastal town brimming with history and a relaxed seaside atmosphere. Don’t be distracted by the endless sparkling water views across Bass Strait and beyond, look further and you’ll find historic sites, fairy penguins, luxury accommodation and pristine beaches. Whether you choose to spend the day wandering the beach with the sand between your toes, enjoying a picnic on the foreshore or immersing yourself in the regions maritime past, Low Head offers something for everyone.


See above map for location of attractions or download a printable map here.


The history

The Low Head Pilot Station, with its crisp white stone buildings and lighthouse perched at the very tip of the bay is the oldest operating signal station in Australia, running since 1833. Stay for a while in one of the renovated cottages or plan a day trip to enjoy the Coxswain’s Cottage Cafe and sweeping views. If you’re visiting on a Sunday you’ll even be lucky enough to hear the fog horn hum its deep tones across the water at midday.


The wildlife

As the sun starts to set over the water, that’s when Low Head’s beaches really come alive: imagine groups of fairy penguins (sometimes up to 200) waddling their way from the ocean across the sand. Friendly local guides host small groups at a time to ensure the penguins habitat remains untouched but allowing you to get up close as they make their way to their burrow for the night. Low Head Penguin Tours have been operating since 1996, treating locals and tourists to the nightly routine of these captivating little birds. For more information, visit the Low Head Penguin Tours website.


Rest your head

Low Head offers a range of accommodation to suit everyone. From the historic cottages at the Low Head Pilot Station, fun for the family at the Low Head Caravan Park and the ultimate luxurious getaway at the Low Head Beach House.